Newport Oregon Family Vacation Photos

Kacey reached out to me to take her family reunion photos and I immediately loved her. It was an overdue reunion with her father-in-law and it was a perfect day to stroll the beach and take photos with the whole family. Funny thing, actually a devastatingly scary thing happened to me as their photographer… my memory card failed the tail end of the photo session which included Kacey’s portion of the big family reunion! I literally died inside when I pulled up the images to only find red X’s. I am a big fan of downloading images as soon as I get home so I knew the same day there was a malfunction. I called Kasey and explained to her what had happened. She graciously let me take her portion of the big family reunion the next morning. It worked out because I was able to show them a secret little spot on the coast where there is starfish and sea anemones galore and I got to hang out with her cute family a little bit more. So thankful for her understanding and I learned such an important lesson about redundant memory cards. It forever changed the way I take photos! Thank you Kacey. Just thinking about it makes me want to come over to the Mid-West and give you a hug. xoxo