Oregon Coast Mother's Day Mini Session

Have you ever seen more beautiful eyes in one gallery? Nope. You haven’t. Grandma Joy passed down some of her best assets, those eyes, her hilariously feisty humor (seriously, she had us rolling with all that dirty talk - my kinda lady 1,000%,) and the biggest heart I’ve met. Kaylin reached out to me to do a surprise Mother’s Day session and I was so excited to help capture the three generations of strong + genuine women. Those blankets you see in the photos were made by Grandma Joy and the girls wanted to include them in the photoshoot and it added so many pretty colors, sentiment, and worked perfectly to keep them warm! As we wrapped up the session and were saying our goodbyes, I was ready to get in the car and go back home with them to cook Mother’s Day Lunch! Funny thing, I am just now blogging all these sessions that happened over six months ago, and I STILL talk to these gorgeous ladies pretty regularly! I am so happy I have a job that connects me to such lovely humans! Happy Mother’s Day Grandma Joy + Jayne!! Looking forward to next time. xoxo