Beach Family Photos

I see all over Instagram these crazy-in-love photographs of young couples and don't get me wrong, I love seeing all the love...  But what about the Mamas and Dads?! Is that kind of love only for the non-married without kids type?  Nope.  I have proof.  Look at my insanely gorgeous clients, Carly and Derek and their beautiful family! Seriously, when you envision finding the love of your life, having beautiful babies, and still have that crazy-about-you love... they are living it!! I literally can't get enough of this couple and how inspiring they are to have that insatiable vibe after all the kiddos and years.  I read an article that stated, one of the most important things you can do as a parent is to show the kiddos your unconditional love and affection with all the hugs, hand-holding, sweet kisses, and playfulness.  Words with actions promote trust.  A healthy, loving relationship has great impact on those little humans.  One day, I can see their children saying, I want a love like my Mom and Dad's.  I adored seeing Derek scoop little Madison up in the air making her big brown eyes sparkle.  I loved Carly's sweet voice speaking to their children with so much love and care.  Ask any parent and they'll tell you it's pretty easy to get wrapped up in the emotional roller coaster and exhaustion that comes with raising humans.  Before you know it, we forget about that young love that started the whole family in the first place.  But my beautiful clients showed me they have not lost themselves in their kids.  The first words Carly said after sending her one sneak peek photograph was, "I love that man".  And he loves her like crazy.  You can see it without even meeting them.  Carly and Derek, I love your family and you both have completely inspired me to find more couples with kids that want those fun-filled passionate loving memories photographed and share them with the world.  xoxo