Yachats Adventure Elopement

I got a phone call from a nice lady named Charlene to photograph their wedding day.  Unfortunately, we were leaving that particular day for a little family getaway so I couldn't.  I was pretty bummed because Charlene and I really clicked after just a few exchanges.  She called me back a little bit later asking if I was available to photograph them the day before their wedding.  What?!  I was so honored that they appreciated my style and trusted me enough to want me to photograph their love the day before their wedding! Charlene let me know that she was marrying a woman and asked if I was good with that.  I sure was.  No question.  Love is love.  So I thought I'd ask her if she was good with her photographer being married to a man.  We instantly giggled and knew we were in good company.  This inspired me to make a change on my website that says that all love is welcome here.  I love, love.  I love Charlene and Barbara's love.  It's the tried and true kind.  Of all the places to have a destination wedding, they chose the gem of the Oregon Coast.  Yachats is magical.  Like unicorn magical.  Kind of fitting for this couple.  They have been together for over ten years and have beautiful families that live all over the world.  I got to hear stories of their dear loved ones in Ireland, Australia, Missouri, New Mexico, and beyond.  The next day they set up a live video so all their friends and family around the globe could share in this special moment of their lives.  There's something truly magical about a couple who focuses more on their marriage and the thoughts of their closest family and friends than the frills of a wedding.  

Charlene and Barbara's session was filled with so much love and natural affection that I asked if I could be a sister wife at the end. haha! But seriously, I feel like we could be family.  We had so much fun together.  They made my real laugh come out more than a handful of times.  We incorporated gifts from their family and they even played in the freezing cold surf.  I have the best clients, ever.  They confirmed my beliefs in regards to soul mates and loving freely.  Clients like these two make me feel like I have the best job in the whole world.  Thank you Charlene and Barbara for sharing your hearts with me and trusting me with your most cherished memories.  You two are beautiful humans and I am lucky to have met you.   xoxo


If your a fan of the PNW, Yachats should be on your bucket list.  If you are ever near this little charming town on Independence Day... you must make it to the La Dee Da Parade.  It's an experience you won't regret or forget. :) 

Crystal Frost