Oregon Coast Dog Family Photos

I knew Shelby from our local running group but never actually had the opportunity to meet her in person.  So, I sent some photos of Shelby smoking past my husband the day prior in the Newport Turkey Trot.  We giggled about how she was pushing out the finish and looked back only to see "a guy pushing a double stroller" (that'd be my hubbs) gaining on her and was not about to let that happen.  I managed to capture some pretty fierce shots of her putting the hammer down while not making her "look murderous" right before the finish line.  I knew from this fun little conversation, she was my people.  She mentioned that they wanted to take some family photos with their three fur babies but we weren't sure when our schedules would align.  What about tomorrow? Really? I'll double check and get back to you.  Well, the next day we were out doing the their family photos in between rainstorms! See what I mean about being adventurous?  I love a family that's down for spontaneity.  

This was the first time meeting Shelby in person except one other time she and Squall were zipping down Gwynn Creek Trail as I was huffing up it trying to keep up with my dog and hubby.  I knew Shelby and Elliot worked really hard with their dogs from what I could see online but I had NO idea they were so well trained and gentle mannered.  All three of their pups had their own personality.  Cricket, she's the real OG and she's not going to settle for any ol' beach.  Thank you Cricket, for introducing me to Neptune Beach South of Yachats, Oregon.  I've never actually been down there before and clearly I've been missing out this whole time!  Definitely going back there again! Squall, he's the gentleman and he gives warm hugs. He has the best ears too.  One goes up and the other goes down and he's seriously the cutest little guy ever. Bling is the newest addition but you wouldn't even be able to tell that she didn't grow up right alongside the other two.  She also won't forget you ever threw her a stick.  And if you do, you're alright in her book.  Sidenote: I should warn any photographers out there that agility dogs are so freakin fast so crank the shutter speed! 

I loved seeing how much love and respect this family had for each other.  Shelby and Elliot gave nothing but positive reinforcement and it was obvious how clearly this method works.  Even though each dog completely had their own personality, different strengths, they all were so eager to please.  Also, even though they were lightening bolt fast they were gentle as can be.  That made my job so much easier to capture a ton of amazing photos that I get compliments on all the time.  Tilden Family, you guys are legit awesome people and pups.  I loved watching you guys work together.  When I look through all your lovely photographs, a quote I heard a long time ago comes to mind:  

"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen." -Orhan Pamuk