PNW Forest Family Photos

Have you ever moved to a new town and tried to make new friends? Like real life friends, not just the Internet or work kind? I'm pretty sure performing your own root canal is easier than making friends after 30... in a new town... with small kids.  Many moons ago organized a Facebook page called Outdoor Baby in effort to find some mom friends on the Oregon Coast which later fizzled.  I met Lindsay through this little group.  She was pretty much the only one who said they'd be down to hike with a baby in their pack, who actually did it.  On our first outing, we were almost eaten alive by mosquitos before being rained out.  We laughed about our (mis)adventure and tried again another day.  The next time we went for a run while pushing our tiny demanding humans in their strollers.  We giggled so much, my abs got more of a workout than anything cardio.  I thought to myself, holy smokes, I think I’m actually making a friend!  

Turned out our husbands actually work together and we would later meet up at NOAA's 100-Year Anniversary celebration in Newport, Oregon. I snuck out of all the long glorious speeches because let's face it, my attention span for those things is a fraction of what my husband can endure. Well, guess who else was out meandering the lobby area "admiring" all the historic items?! Ha! That's right, my new cool friend, Lindsay! We instantly started laughing about our great escape and the soon shenanigans ensued.  I am realizing more and more that Lindsay and I are pretty much the same person. The same sick humor makes our real laughs come out.  We both understand how precious yet unglamorous mommin' is.  It's completely normal if we haven't heard from each other in a week, we just pick up right were we left off.  And don't even get us started on Snapchat... and the rest has been a really fun(ny) history.  

So Linds mentioned they haven't had family photos in a while, well, I was determined to fix that!  I met them at Big Creek Park along with my assistant, Julia the Stoolia.  Josh is really tall! So I had to step up my game. ;)  I knew it was about Eben's naptime so we needed to make this happen quickly and fun for him.  You guys, he was such a little stud! You'll see in the pics below. He is such a cutie, his sweet dimples, those suspenders, and oh my goodness, his CURLS! He has the BEST smiles and was just killing it for the camera and maybe just a few Smarties.  Even though I knew Lindsay fairly well, I haven't had the opportunity to spend much time with both Josh and Lindsay so it was refreshing to them all together.  I had heard a few stories of their beginnings and let me say their love feels as free as your hair in the wind on a summer day cruising in a VW bus with the windows down.  Generally, most guys are intimidated to really hold their wife in front of the camera.  Not Josh.  He definitely loves her.  And she loves him right back.  What I loved most is that their sweet Eben gets to see how Daddies should treat Mommies.

Most of these days, Josh is off sailing the world for his country.  However, when this cute little family gets reunited, they’re out full force making the most of every moment.  Troy and I happened to come across them during our hike to some waterfalls in the middle of a PNW jungle and it was pouring buckets (we were just leaving the falls and they were just coming in).  While I was in a panic to get the kids back to the car, they were all smiles and enjoying the day like it was a stroll in the park even though it was legitimately raining cats and dogs.  We were all surprised to see each other there and shared some quick exchanges.  After we walked away, Troy turns to me and said, they are good people, aren't they?  Yep.  The Slater's are good, good people.  And that's why I love them so much.  There's not a ton of things that make me want to stay on the Oregon Coast forever, but the Slater's are definitely one of them.