Newport Oregon Family Photos

Sinclair Family Photo

The forecast for the Central Oregon Coast said rain for days and days.  Ms. Sinclair and I spoke on the phone and said we would play the photo shoot by ear because unfortunately it was very likely we were going to get rained out which seems to be quite the scheduling obstacle this time of year in the Pacific Northwest.  Their family was coming together from Idaho, Central Oregon and Southern Oregon to spend time with their Grandmother on Thanksgiving.  Knowing this family probably doesn't have everyone together all the time, I was praying hard that the weather would give us a break so I could capture this precious time they had together.

The Friday after Thanksgiving came, and the rain stopped for a moment.  Hooray! That moment lasted long enough to take some pretty great photos for this sweet family.  But let me say, it wasn't hard to do with all those beautiful eyes and genuine love they had for each other.  

While I am more experienced with candid photos, Ms. Sinclair wished for more portrait style which made me super excited and a little nervous about the challenge.  So together, we found pretty lighting amid all the rain clouds and created a fantastic photo shoot!  ...and the candid shots I did get, were absolutely that.  The hand holding, the genuine smiles, and all the laughter was truly all their love and care for each other.  It was a breath of fresh air to see a family who felt so cohesive and loving towards each other without knowing the camera was on them.  You know what the world needs more of? Taking care of Grandmas.  Looking out for each other when in mud holes.  Crossing bridges together.  Families like this.  

Thank you Sinclair Family for trusting me with your family memories, teaching me about love, and showing me I can't get by on candid photos alone.  The day after this shoot, I enrolled and currently attending a natural posing course so I am more prepared for the next time and can offer a more diverse photography style.