Oregon Coast Photographer

A little of who I am

I am blessed with an incredible life-partner and together we created two amazing little girls. We enjoy raising them with the basics and teaching them that the real fun is when your outside making up your own games and using nature as toys.  We garden together.  We bake together.  And we challenge them to hike some serious hills.  I want them to experience Disney Land but really want them to learn that we don't have to wait until holiday to have the time of our life.  I am a Type II fun-haver.  I freakin love self-propelling adventures.  I'd like to label myself as an adventure photog but not the Instagram kind.  Like the kind that will run 20+ miles in the mountains for funsies.  Without a camera or a selfie.  The more sweat and summits the bettaaaa.  I prefer a Mom and Pop restaurant over a 5-star one any day.  My favorite beer is from my hometown brewery (Belt, Montana!), Harvest Moon's Beltian White.  So good.  I'll take trails over pavement.  Shopping malls give me anxiety.  We currently live on the Oregon Coast and absolutely LOVE exploring this crazy beautiful place.  However, we have a real hard time staying out of the big mountains and staying still for too long just isn't in our vocab.  Our long-term plan is become seasonal nomads and take history, geography, science and math out of the textbooks and live amongst it with our little humans.  

My approach 

Comfortable, fun, and real.  I don't have a list of poses I run all my clients through but rather guide and prompt people to evoke real emotions, genuine smiles, and moments to remember.  I like to get to know my clients  so I can help them get the photos that gives them all the feels but truly reflects who they are. If I am shooting your wedding, I basically never put my camera down.  I am the calm in all the noise shooting through the big moments and the little ones that no one else is probably noticing.  I absolutely love outdoor-inspired tiny weddings, elopements, couples, and families who love on each other.  If following your heart up a mountain, dipping your toes in the Pacific Ocean, climbing on rocks, or belly laughing with the loves of your life is alright in your book, then I am the photographer for you. 

But I am so much more than a photographer.  Relationships are something very dear to my heart and that's why I take photos of them but I also truly enjoy building relationships with my couples and families.  After communicating with my clients for a bit and meeting them for the first time, most often my clients give me the biggest hug and tell me the feel like we've been good friends for ages.  I love to send anniversary cards, stay in touch through texts and social media, and simply being apart of the ride of my clients' life, cheering each other on through it all.  My photography style is candid, timeless, and a lot of fun.  I capture the day so when you look back on your photos, you feel those moments and re-live them all over again.  


Adventurous love stories are my favorite, let's tell yours together.  

Also, all love is welcome here. xoxo