Crystal Frost Oregon Wedding Photographer

Oh hey, guys!

I'm Crystal Frost! Yep, that's my real name :) I am an Oregon Coastie with a mountain heart.  I'm obsessed with my little family, plants, trail running, and always down for adventure. I love fast-packing up mountain peaks (bombing down is the best part), car camping, gardening, and homemade birthday cakes.  I feel most myself in a ball cap and barefoot.  Giving gifts that I have made with my very own hands is pretty much my fave. 

I love to take photos just like dentists love teeth.  Heck, I'd be doing this even if I had a million bucks.  Why? To be completely transparent, it just feels good.  I don't have any significant story I can tell you why I started - it simply just fills me up.  My philosophy is this:  I can place you perfectly in the best composition, the ultimate lighting, and have everything staged to perfection.  You look at the camera and smile.  Sure it's beautiful and perfectly perfect, but it doesn't give you or anyone looking at the photo a feeling.  My mission is tell your story through photographs so that you can FEEL the mood, all the love, the joy, and the vibe of that particular day.  I find myself successful when I edit your photos and it literally gives me goosebumps and my dimple shows (I only have one - on my left side of my face, so crazy, anyways...)  or you squeal with delight when I deliver your photos, or someone says how unbelievable happy you look in the photographs.  Because let's face it, a happy person is a beautiful person.  You can self-timer perfectly posed pics all day long.  I like to have FUN on photoshoots and I am goofy to the core.  I will try to schedule the best time for lighting with you (although the Oregon Coast weather tends to show us who's boss sometimes), I will guide you with location, outfit selection, and give you all the prompts so based on your interpretation of all my help, each photograph is uniquely you.  So! If you're still here with me, if sill portraits are what you are after, its not exactly on the menu.  My niche is the photograph that evokes emotion.   I'm located a little South of Newport in the thriving metropolis of Seal Rock, Oregon but I'm always up for exploring new places! 


Also, all love is welcome here. xoxo


Feel like we'd be a good fit?  

No? I am happy to give you a few other recommendations of my local favorites that serve their own special sauce!

- 100%  a community over competition lady here -  

Heck ya?!! Then, please contact me here and let's start planning!! I'm super excited to meet you!