Oregon Coast Photographer

A little of who I am

Hi! I am Crystal Frost and I like warm hugs! haha, yep, I generally bring it in when I meet people! I love hard and play hard. I am blessed with an incredible hubby and together we created two cute little humans. We enjoy raising them with the basics.  We garden together.  We bake together.  And we challenge them to hike some serious hills.  I want them to experience Disney Land one day but really want them to learn that we don't have to wait until holiday to have the time of our life.  

I am a Type II fun-haver.  I freakin love self-propelling adventures.  I'd like to label myself as an adventure photog but not the Instagram kind.  Like the kind that will run 20+ miles in the mountains for funsies.  Without a selfie.  The more sweat and summits the bettaaaa.  Speaking of social media, I should be better about promoting myself there, I know. But that’s really exhausting and I’m just not that into it. But I get it, its a good way to put your work out there and all that good stuff. So, I try but spending lots of time with my phone is definitely not a top priority for me. I prefer a Mom and Pop restaurant over a 5-star one any day.  My favorite beer is from my hometown brewery (Belt, Montana!), Harvest Moon's Beltian White.  So good, it can be kinda dangerous.  I looove spicy food and I don’t eat meat. Doesn’t mean I hate on carnivores, but it’s just not for me. I'll take trails over pavement.  I’m a total spin rat. CycleGrind in Newport, Oregon is where the party is at guys! I laugh really loud, I embarrass myself sometimes. But hey, when it’s funny, it’s funny. Weird quirk of mine: shopping malls legit give me anxiety - I need a solid shopping partner to go with because I basically get whirling disease and walk around in circles paralyzed with all the choices. haha! Also, I can’t stand the smell of newspaper ink or rude people. hahahaha, amnesty hour guys. **currently shrugging and laughing at myself*. I’m weird, my filter is a little non-existent (working on that), and laugh in awkward situations like talking about myself.  

We currently live on the Central Oregon Coast and absolutely LOVE exploring this crazy beautiful state.  However, we have a real hard time staying out of the big mountains.  We also don’t let the grass grow under our feet for too long. We move every few years for my husband’s work but it suits us. Our long-term retirement plan is to move back home to Montana where our family is closer, maybe own a mountain wedding venue, become seasonal nomads, or build a wood working shop or own a animal rescue with a hundreds of animals… I dunno. We just want to live simply, do stuff that makes us happy + healthy, and try to make the world a better place.


My approach 

I don't have a list of poses I run all my clients through but rather after I’ve stalked your social media if you have one (haha, well! It’s true!!! and if a photographer doesn’t admit this, they are either A) lying or B) not taking enough time to see what you guys are all about!), talked with you about who you guys are via email/Facetime/phone chats, what you want to remember from the event we are photographing, I basically guide and prompt people to evoke real emotions, genuine smiles, and moments worth remembering.  I like to get to know my clients  so I can help them get the photos that gives them all the feels but truly reflects who they are. If I am shooting your wedding, I basically never put my camera down.  I am the calm in all the noise shooting through the big moments and the little ones that no one else is probably noticing.  I don’t have a big voice, I am not pushy, but I do know how to get THE shots in my own subtle way. I like to offer guides, suggestions, and questionnaires so I can allocate our time together photographing in the best way you’d like me to. What’s important to you, is important to me. I absolutely love outdoor-inspired small weddings, adventurous elopements, couples, and families who aren’t afraid to love on each other.  If following your heart up a mountain, dipping your toes in the Pacific Ocean, climbing on rocks, or belly laughing with the loves of your life is alright in your book, then I’m sure we will create some of the best photographs together!  My photography style is candid, timeless, and a lot of fun.  I capture the day so when you look back on your photos, you FEEL something and get to re-live those moments all over again.

Adventurous love stories are my favorite, let's tell yours together.  

Also, all love is welcome here. xoxo